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National Urban Development Fellowship Program

Planning and management of urban area, if taken seriously, is a highly technical and inter-disciplinary endeavor that poses interesting and relevant questions. This also presents an opportunity for masters/doctoral level students to commit time and intellectual energy to explore various dimensions of Urban Development as a phenomenon and as a process.

National Urban Development Fellowship Program (NUDFP) of the Center for Urban Green Spaces (CUGS) seeks to concentrate interdisciplinary academic attention on the complexities of urban evolution in South Asia. The purpose is to generate/document qualitative insights/information on diverse aspects of urban development and frame new questions for future research.
Funding Nature and Level

Each Fellowship carries a grant of upto INR 35,000. Each grant shall comprise of a maximum of INR 30,000 for field work expenses (at actuals) and an additional INR 5,000/- for report preparation and other minor contingency expenses. Project grant can be enhanced to Rs. 50,000 for exceptionally creative proposals.

Release of Funds

50% funds shall be released on acceptance of Fellowship proposal. Balance shall be released after submission of final Fellowship project report. Funds will be released through the institution where the fellow is pursuing his/her academic qualification.

Dissertation and Certification

a) Each fellow shall submit a final draft report to CUGS upon completion of the Fellowship project in prescribed format. The same shall be reviewed on behalf of CUGS by a group of domain experts.
b) An annual 1-2 day seminar shall be hosted at a convenient location where each fellow shall be required to make a 30 minute presentation on his/her Fellowship project.
c) Based on the reviewers comments and/or observations made during the research seminar, the fellow shall revise the report/respond to comments, as per need, and submit a final report to enable release of final instalment of committed support.
d) A successful fellow shall receive a certificate of commendation from CUGS on behalf of institutions/agencies behind the Fellowship program.


NUDFP is open to any person enrolled as regular Masters/Doctoral student at any recognised university/institution of India.
The other eligibility conditions are:
a) Must have secured atleast 55% marks in the graduate/post-graduate level (as applicable) in any of the disciplines approved for the purpose of NUDFP.
b) Should not have scored less than 50% marks (overall) in Class XII/Intermediate level examination.
c) Should be a citizen/resident of any of the SAARC nations.

Criteria for selection

Subject to the applicants meeting eligibility criteria, Fellowship proposals will be scrutinised on the basis of:
a) Relevance of the project in terms of generating new knowledge and possibility of it being subsequently published under CUGS Occasional Paper Series.
b) Possibility of project being successfully completed within a period of 3-4 months from the date of start of ack record of the applicant and previous publishwork.
c) Other things being equal, applicants who can mobilize co-funding to supplement CUGS support shall be preferred.

Selection Process and Timelines

a) Application complete in all respects should reach Coordinator-NUDFP on or before March 31 to be considered for grants in the next calendar year.
b) Shortlisted proposals shall be considered by the NUDFP screening committee.
c) Successful applicants shall have to complete all formalities to enable issue of formal letter of commitment and release of first installment (50%) of approved support.

Other Conditions

a) Proposals in prescribed format should be forwarded by the Head of the Institution/Department along with a formal letter of endorsement. Application format can be downloaded from
b) The proposal should include a Consent Note from a regular faculty member of the applicants institute/university to serve as project guide/mentor. In special circumstances, the mentor/guide can also be a suitably qualified independent person from outside the applicants institution.
c) Each fellow shall submit draft of the report of his/her project to CUGS upon completion of the Fellowship project, and, make a 30 minute presentation on his/her Fellowship project at the annual NUDFP seminar convened at a convenient location in the month of October.
d) Based on the reviewers comments the fellow shall make warranted revisions and submit final report, within 30 days to enable the release of final instalment of the grant.
e) All Fellowship project reports accepted as complete shall be published online by CUGS as a part of its Occasional Paper Series. Copyright of reports published as mentioned shall rest with CUGS.

Last Date of Application for Grant Cycle 2015-16 : 31 August 2016

For further queries, please contact:
Coordinator - NUDFP
Center for Urban Green Spaces, Aravali House, 431/D-22, Chhattarpur Hills, New Delhi-110074
Phone: +91-11-69414852, 69419323, Fax: +91-11-26301016, Email: